The Frequency of Love

Love - what does it mean to you?

Love is a word that is interpreted differently by each one of us, and is greatly determined by our personal experiences.

With a focus on love and our hearts in the month of February, we are encouraged to begin a practice of self love through self care. When we nurture and heal the parts of us that have not been feeling loved -  the inner child, the wounded lover, the abandoned partner - the Frequency of Love is revealed. 

The Frequency of Love is a state of being, a place of experiencing the world around us with a consistent vibration of acceptance, reverence and compassion that emanates as light from within us.. 

To get to this place, we must find a connection to something greater than the reality of our physical, 3-dimensional environment. The Frequency of Love is part of a greater mystery, a spiral of sound and energy that continues to elevate as we open our awareness and curiosity about this mystery. 

Holding The Frequency of Love requires clearing all energies that no longer serve, allowing the light of love to flow. This flow of love fluctuates through each moment of our lives, increasing or decreasing in resonance with our own vibration. It’s the same as keeping the water flowing freely in our home plumbing, removing debris that clogs the pipes so that we can open that tap and fill our cups with this essential elixir.

528 Hz = the Frequency of Love

Our entire universe is composed of light and sound, frequency and vibration. The Frequency of Love has been calculated at 528hz and is the most important of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies, all of which activate and strengthen our natural self-healing powers. The vibration of the 528 Hz sound frequency resonates through our entire organism where it can unfold its positive effect. 

In music, 528 Hz sound frequency refers to the note “Mi”, which in Latin means “miracle”. John Lennon composed his popular song Imagine in the 528 Hz “miracle” Frequency of Love, and we all feel the impact of this when we hear his musical tribute to peace on earth.

528 Hz Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Gracie and Timmy StarLight, owners of Amaryllis Crystal and Sound Portal in Cochrane, offer sound sessions where they play alchemy crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums and flute to take participants on journeys into the heart. All frequencies are included, with focus on 528 hz for heart chakra opening. Recipients report experiencing a myriad of sensations, from deep rest to release of long-held stress and trauma. Once the sound session starts, these healing frequencies can support subtle and profound changes that can be both immediate and long lasting. 

It takes courage to love like this, to be open to what our heart is saying. 

“Imagine all the people living life in peace…”

In the realm where the ethereal meets the earthly, Gracie and Timmy StarLight of Amaryllis Crystal and Sound Portal emerge as custodians of love and healing. They work with frequencies in the crystal singing bowls and gongs, creating a vibrant and mystical soundscape that includes all frequencies. Their dedication to the profound art of crystal and sound healing, along with their unwavering trust in life's synchronicities, sets the stage for a transformative journey aimed at uplifting the collective vibration of body, mind, and spirit.
Gracie and Timmy StarLight

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