Natasha Dumelie

 Shadow worker, star child, spiritual guide.

Natasha Dumelie


As a star child, Natasha was conflicted about whether to come to earth or to go in a bother direction. Natasha nearly died at birth but when she was born, this was her choosing earth as her home.
Natasha very early in life had a unique relationship with animals and nature. 
Natasha has a fascination with numbers and the synchronicities (connections) in life.
Natasha studies numerology, astrology, psychology, plant medicine - and currently works as a life coach.
Many people who talk with Natasha feel as though she can “see through” them - as if understanding things in a deeper level than what they describe as well as pick up on things not being said. 
Natasha has often predicted things to come in other peoples lives. 
A reading with Natasha can feel similar to that of a therapy session - although she will not guarantee all readings will be like this. This depends on each client who sits with her. 
Natasha’s readings tend to be a cross between coaching and tarot which can identify a person's blocks within themselves. 
Natasha’s coaching is a mix of intuitive connection mixed with a background in psychology to help relieve the pains of the shadow and inner child. It’s about reconnecting with self. Mixing these skills seems to be very impactful for many. 
Natasha’s journey in both the metaphysical work and in life coaching took off after surviving all forms of abuse with an ex-partner who she calls her karmic lover. A karmic lover is one meant to teach you life lessons - not necessarily meant to be a soulmate or a forever relationship. 
Natasha slipped into the darkest place she could imagine and lost her desire to be alive. I’m wanting the pain she suffered to end, she was having suicidal ideations. That is when everything changed. This is when her powers really activated and she became more aware of her abilities and has been working with them ever since. 
No longer does Natasha suffer from depression due to her ability to shift her mindset and change her perspectives on life. This is what she now teaches her clients. 
In a reading with Natasha, she can offer a basic tarot/oracle reading or she can also offer mixing coaching and tarot/oracle. To have coaching, 1-hour booking is required - for best results discuss with her about longer term support - weekly for the amount of weeks determined in by doing an assessment and support plan. 

Start time: Every Wednesday from 11am-4:30pm 

Where: 216 1st Street West, Cochrane

Tarot Reading:
Value: 1 hour - $88.88

Tarot Reading & Coaching: 
Value: 1 hr - $123

Please call 403-981-1444 to schedule your reading, or book online!