How it all started

Gayle Leary and Timmy Wijnen - a.k.a. Grace and Timmy Starlight - have answered the call to continue the legacy of Martha’s beloved Amaryllis Crystal Garden. They are passionate and dedicated light workers and crystal sound healers who completely trust in the synchronicity of their life journey. It is their mission to help raise the vibration of body, mind and spirit of humanity, while sharing the healing powers of alchemy crystal singing bowls, crystals, gemstones, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. Grace and Timmy are excited to get to know you, and to know Martha through your eyes. 

The torch has been passed. May Amaryllis Crystal Garden continue to be a beacon of light in this community, and in the world. 

About us

Grace and Timmy StarLight

Our souls first recognized one another when we met during an educational retreat in the Andalusian mountains of Spain.  We were drawn together through our passion for the ancient Hawaiian healing practice of Lomi Lomi, and a burning desire to help those seeking a greater awareness of who they truly are. Our purpose is to expand and share our experience of the combined power of intention, frequency and love.

Gracie and Timmy StarLighjt

StarLight Portal is the space we hold for others to find a personal connection and alignment to their sacred place within. It is the place from where we live our calling of activating and raising the vibration of humanity.

The doors of Amaryllis Crystal Garden will be open again on Friday the 13th of November, 2020. 

Gayle Leary and Timmy Wijnen - a.k.a. Gracie and Timmy Starlight of Starlight Portal - have taken up the torch to carry on the legacy of Martha Birkett and her beautiful crystal paradise. Their own journey with alchemy crystal singing bowls has uniquely prepared them to serve the community of Cochrane and beyond. They are looking forward to meeting you, and sharing their own special alchemy with you.

Gracie and Timmy Starlight are very excited to open the doors of Amaryllis Crystal Garden once again for sound baths, beginning this Friday, November 13.

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