Timmy StartLight

Healing Sound Practitioner, Frequency Alchemist, Heart Worker

At a young age, Timmy was already interested in crystals and gemstones.
Working his professional career as a Trainer and Life Coach, he gradually invested in education to prepare himself for a career switch. He began with training in Shiatsu, then energetic massage, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian bodywork
and Reiki Master Certification.

Timmy has incorporated gongs and alchemy crystal bowls into the sound experiences he has created for the last five years. His journey started with a four-day gong workshop with Spirit Connections in Amsterdam. This big immersion started his deep dive into gongs and all the aspects of using them
in his sound experiences.

He demonstrates playing the gongs on all levels. In his sound experiences, he starts with a single gong, starting very gently and creating a build-up of intensity. During his sessions, he adds more gongs and combines them into a sound adventure that takes you on a journey of energetic release.