X the Game - A Life Game of reaching your Highest Potential

X the Game - A Life Game of reaching your Highest Potential

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Come and play "X the Game" with inventor Jai Hudes, and his partner Karen Stanwood. They are offering a Certification Training into this fantastic game, created 40 years ago.


  1. The Power of attracting what we desire
  2. The Power of aligning with what we need
  3. The Power of declaring our intention
  4. The Power of storytelling and listening
  5. The Power of connecting with words and imagery
  6. The Power of building community
  7. The Power of creativity and fun


  1. I am open and authentic as I express myself
  2. I am genuinely supportive as I listen to others
  3. I am aware the choices I make co-create my future
  4. I view each player in the light of their highest potential
  5. I claim responsibility for my actions and my reactions
  6. I accept challenges as opportunities for growth
  7. I hold in confidence all that is shared by others
  8. I declare this game a safe space to play!

Why would You Xperience the Game?

  • Learn to set clear intentions
  • Experience how you and other people relate to your intentions
  • Gain knowledge on what challenges do and how to learn from them


Over the past 40 years, thousands of people have participated in this unique and powerful game, where everyone becomes a winner by setting a life intention and finding a path to their highest potential. Learn to wield X the Game - a super empowerment tool and fun pathway to understanding yourself, to improving relationships, and learning to be balanced through these "PrecariUS Times".
Come join in and find Your highest potential!

Value Workshop Level 1 

Sign up: From 5-6 p.m: Introductory Xperience the Game by donation.
Sign up: From 6:30-9:30 p.m: 3-hour Deep Dive Play. Value $88

Certification Level 1 package

With this package you can follow three times the Level 1 workshop and acquire
your Level 1 "X the Game Certification". Together with this certification, you will receive a copy of the Game. Value $288


Monday, October 23, October 30
Time: 5-9:30 pm


Amaryllis Crystal Portal
216 - Fist Street West Cochrane, Alberta
Call to reserve a space: 403-981-1444

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