Peppermint Spray 30ml

Peppermint Spray 30ml

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Use this surprisingly sweet and uplifting organic Peppermint hydrosol as an aromatic facial toner or spritzer, body perfume, and air freshener.  Peppermint is excellent for cooling the skin on a hot day, it can cool sun burns, and help with menopausal hot flashes.  It also acts as a cleansing skin toner and helps reduce pore size.  This spray leaves you feeling uplifted, clean and cool.  Spraying this hydrosol connects us with the peppermint plant and aids us in recognizing that we always have a choice.  It empowers us and works with out 6th Chakra to help us co-create in our lives working toward our highest good.  Peppermint helps to reduce the weight of the past, our future, and enable us to be truly present.  

All the hydrosols in our copper still.  Hydrosols are also known as floral or flower waters, and are produced from steam-distilling plant materials.  They contain less than 5% of the essential oil of the plant.  Store in a dark, cool place and best if used within three months.  For external use only, do not ingest.

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