Oracle of the Birds

Oracle of the Birds

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A hands-on tool to work with birds as spiritual messengers

• Includes 46 beautifully illustrated full-color cards featuring different birds as well as a guidebook

• Explains the meaning, message, and medicine of each bird as well as an affirmation to work with that bird’s unique qualities

• Explores how birds connect to the world of the immortal soul and can bring messages from loved ones who have passed on

Potent allies, power animals, and spirit guides, birds connect the physical realm with the one of spirit, leading us into the world of the immortal soul. Quick in their movements, with their ability to take flight instantly, they carry the spiritual quality of freedom. Gliding on the wings of a bird we literally take on a superior view, gaining a wider perspective on our life.

Illuminating their spiritual messages and powers, these 46 beautifully illustrated cards each share the medicine of a winged friend and a brief message about the significance of its presence. The guidebook details the deeper meaning of each bird and its magical feathers, along with an affirmation focused on its unique gifts and talents. Whether eagle, swan, or phoenix, your feathered guides help you find healing, growth, and insight on your spiritual path.

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