Green Jasper- Carved - Dragon Head
Green Jasper- Carved - Dragon Head
Green Jasper- Carved - Dragon Head
Green Jasper- Carved - Dragon Head

Green Jasper- Carved - Dragon Head

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 Green Jasper Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Green Jasper energy is deeply grounding which encourages our connection to the healing energy of Earth. It helps you become fearless, confident, and energetic.
  • Charge your stone nature by placing it on the earth or under a natural water source, then meditate with your Green Jasper crystal to attune to its grounding energy.


  • All types of Jasper have a consistent nurturing quality. Green Jasper crystal energy is reassuring, accepting, and loving.
  • Activate your Green Jasper crystal with sound vibration 639Hz by using a singing bowl or recorded frequency music. Use it within your self-care rituals or gift Green Jasper to someone who needs this nurturing energy. 

Balancing and Harmonizing

  • Green Jasper is useful for healing energy imbalances that manifest as obsession, overindulgence, and addiction. It works to detox and re-energize the body, mind, and spirit, which brings us into harmony.
  • Set a crystal grid using pieces of Green Jasper in your home or meditation space. Meditate and keep the stone with you to attune to the balancing and harmonizing vibrations.

Emotional Support

  • Green Jasper healing properties can give us the energy to release emotional loops and negative thoughts that affect our detrimental emotional health. The nurturing energy of this stone also holds a loving space for all emotions.
  • Activate Green Jasper by holding the stone and taking a few deep, slow breaths, and reciting positive emotion affirmations.

Fertility, Pregnancy, and Childbirth

  • The energy and benefits of Green Jasper are supportive of feminine energy, and it is associated with spring and fertility, making this a supportive stone to work with during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Place your Green Jasper in the moonlight to charge and activate the crystal for its benefits for fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and childhood.

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