Gong Workshop beginner level
Gong Workshop beginner level
Gong Workshop beginner level
Gong Workshop beginner level
Gong Workshop beginner level

Gong Workshop beginner level

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Timmy has been working and experimenting with Amaryllis’ in-store inventory of alchemy singing bowls from Crystal Tones’, and gongs from Grotta Sonora and Shawn Aceto Sounds. Last year Shawn Aceto created an amazing custom 40” gong for Timmy, called “The Soul Voyager”, which lives up to its profound title. Amaryllis has also solidified a Canadian distributorship with Meinl Sonic Energy. 

Enthusiasm for exploring the alchemy of sound, along with his background in coaching independent thinkers, gives Timmy a strong voice in the world of sound healing.

Click on the link for the practitioner page to read Timmy's biography.

This 6-hour Gong Workshop for Beginners will guide you through the following aspects:

Location: The White Owl Dome 272240 Grand Valley Rd, Cochrane, AB T0l, Canada
Time: 10am to 4pm

1. Introduction to Gong Basics:
Participants will learn the fundamental principles of gongs, including their history, cultural significance, and different types of gongs available.

2. Playing Techniques:
Participants will learn how to play the gong effectively, including proper mallet techniques, striking methods, and how to produce a range of sounds and tones.

3. Understanding Sound Healing:
Participants will gain an understanding of the therapeutic benefits of gongs and sound healing, including how vibrations and frequencies can impact the body, mind, and spirit.

4. Creating Relaxation and Meditation:
Participants will learn how to use gongs for relaxation and meditation purposes, including techniques for inducing a meditative state, promoting deep relaxation, and reducing stress and anxiety.

5. Practical Application:
Participants will receive practical guidance on how to incorporate gongs into their daily lives and personal wellness routines, including how to create a sacred space for gong practice, integrate gong sessions into meditation or yoga practice, and use gongs for self-care and healing.

6. Hands-on Experience:
Participants will have hands-on experience with gongs, including opportunities for guided practice sessions, individual exploration, and receiving feedback from instructors on their playing technique.

7. Community and Connection:
Participants have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share an interest in gongs and sound healing, as well as the chance to learn from experienced instructors and share their own experiences and insights. 

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