Electric Body, Electric Health - Eileen Day McKusick

Electric Body, Electric Health - Eileen Day McKusick

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Using the Electromagnetism Within (and Around) You to Rewire, Recharge, and Raise Your Voltage

Everything is electric. This seemingly simple observation has transformational repercussions on the way we think about and approach physical, mental, and emotional health. Electric Body, Electric Health is a manifesto for personal empowerment based on an electrical view of life.

Author of Tuning the Human Biofield, Eileen Day McKusick is an expert in the emerging field of electric health and has taught thousands how to transform effortlessly through learning to “think electrically.” By illuminating the biological nature of our electrical bodies, McKusick empowers readers to clear the static, noise, and resistance from this system and experience greater energy, clarity, and order.

Electric Body, Electric Health makes use of simple, easy-to-implement practices such as:

- Awareness practices
- Perspective shifts
- Breathing practices
- Simple lifestyle changes
- Improved emotional management
- and more...

in order to help readers improve their health and enhance their daily lives. It will give you the tools to transform your relationship with your body, your mind, your emotions, and the electrical world around you.

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