Children of Autumn: Autism – Here On Purpose (Paperback) - Grace Kohn

Children of Autumn: Autism – Here On Purpose (Paperback) - Grace Kohn

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Children of Autumn: Autism – Here On Purpose explores how Autism can, in fact, be a player in healing our planet.

Grace Kohn, author and mother of a person with Autism, shares her metamorphosis as a result of doing everything in her power to help her daughter, Julianne, heal.

"SH*T Happens and then SHIFT Happens” has become her mantra for the past 13 years. Dealing with "caca", both literally and figuratively, she identifies how major positive Shifts can occur for people personally, and eventually collectively, when they make the choice to participate in their own healing with as much intention as that of healing their child.Mystical experiences involving “Jules” opened the author’s eyes to understanding that there is more going on here than our five senses can comprehend. Grace Kohn outlines the therapies that offered her the most assistance during this 20-year initiation. The players who assisted in catapulting Julianne to new levels of ability are also explored. Children of Autumn - Autism Here on Purpose is a must read for parents with children on the autism spectrum, caregivers, and anyone interested in healing our planet. It will help you see the " Awe" in Autism, or as Grace now refers to it as Awe*tis* (th)em.

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