8" E+20 Itoigawa Jade Alchemy Crystal Bowl

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Itoigawa Jade


creativity, prosperity, empowerment, detox, kidney, self-healing, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, arthritis, bones, joint pain, energy, regeneration, surgery recovery, emotional intelligence, self love, protection, purity, serenity, wisdom, tranquillity, harmony,

good luck, friendship, stability, balance, self-actualization, self-esteem, joy, abundance, objectivity, prosperity, passion, relationships, openness, heart, love, mindfulness, visualization, anxiety, stress relief, clarity, task management, dreams, home, workplace, focus, understanding, presence, materialism

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Japan's national stone, a symbol of wealth and success from ancient times, Itoigawa Jade can bring you wisdom and success from within. Energizing our creativity, empowering ourselves to take charge and create the life we've always wanted.

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