WiSH Lantern

WiSH Lantern

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Enormous delight, absolute glee and magical wishes.

These mini WiSH Lanterns are based on the concept of the ceremonial sky lanterns used in Asia and Southeast Asia to send prayers and blessings to the heavens. These WiSH Lanterns are a delightful way to celebrate, make wishes, or set intentions. They are designed for indoor use.

  1. Write your Wish on a Lantern paper.
  2. Gently crumple the paper.
  3. Smooth and roll into a tube to create a Lantern.
  4. Place upright on a protected surface.
  5. Using a match, light the top edge of the WiSH Lantern.
  6. The WiSH Lantern quickly burns down and then magically rises upwards releasing your wishes to the sky!

Each tube contains: 20 Wish Lantern papers, 1 pencil, whatever you can dream up!(all packaging and contents are 100% biodegradable/recyclable). Works best indoors.

Holiday or Celebration: Birthday, Wedding, Dinner Parties, Anniversary, New Years, Wishes to Santa, Seasonal Celebrations, Graduation, Thanksgiving, Celebration of Life, Reunion, Shower.

Intention Setting: Resolution, Forgiveness, Prosperity, Peace, Happiness, Hopes, Dreams, Fears, Sorrows, Prayers, Promises, Corporate Events, Workshops, Retreats.

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