Building Sacred Space Workshop with Ria-Mae Long

Building Sacred Space Workshop with Ria-Mae Long

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Building Sacred Space

Learn the knowledge every aspiring student of magic and spiritual practitioner needs to know about creating sacred space and maintaining it! Our ancestors held great wisdom when it came to building sacred temples and stone structures. This knowledge supercharged their works and gave them the capacity to measure space and time with divine proportion revealing the mysteries of the sun, moon, planets and stars, including the number for the speed of light! When you learn these principles and apply them to your life, you'll see your world transform before your eyes. This is the foundation for building and working sacred space — clearing, setting the four directions, building altars and consecrating sacred items. It is the ancient wisdom used by all our ancestors to create centers of power and is the key to activating and opening the doorway to the heavens, The Four Directions!



  • PowerfulTECHNIQUES for CLEARING space
  • SECRETS used by all our ANCESTORS going back 5000+ years
  • Orientating and working with theFOUR DIRECTIONS
  • AncientWISDOM of the cycles of time
  • Howto BUILD and work with an ALTAR


Ria-Mae Long is a life student of eastern and western mysticism, philosophy, esoteric thought and ancient cultures. She has studied and worked within the mystery traditions for over a decade after experiencing a spiritual awakening in 2007. Since 2015, she's been teaching courses on esoteric sciences, meditation, alchemy, astrology and occult practices, developing several programs and working with hundreds of clients, offering spiritual guidance and assistance in healing through her practice at Spirit Energy Medicine in Banff, Alberta. In 2019 she received the honour of becoming a Pipe Holder through Wade Maude of Hollow Bone Healing Lodge. She also ran the House of Mem Centre for Spiritual Development in Banff, Canada, a society of spiritual practitioners in the Bow Valley, for five years. You can learn more at


January 30th 

Duration: 4hrs 

Start: 5:00-9:00 pm
- Doors open at 4:30pm

Value: $111

Amaryllis Crystal Garden

216 1st Street West Cochrane
403) 981 1444

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