Rose Quartz Angel

Rose Quartz Angel

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Rose Quartz Healing Properties and Benefits

Attracts Soul mates

  • Because the Goddesses of Love in many cultures rule Rose Quartz, it’s great for bringing your true love closer. Go for raw Rose Quartz in soft pink colors for this.
  • The best way to charge a Rose Quartz to attract your soul mate is by creating a DIY gem elixir by indirectly fusing the crystal on edible water and spraying it over your hair and body. 

Decision-Making Skills

  • Rose Quartz in dark colors is considered excellent for clearing the mind. It’ll help you make the right decision, no matter how impossible it feels at the moment. 
  • The best way to start making the right decisions is by wearing a Rose Quartz bracelet on your left wrist. How do you energize a Rose Quartz braceletRemember to charge it for five minutes in the sunlight before wearing it.


  • Did you know sacred geometry Rose Quartz is great for stability and harmony? These are Rose Quartz in geometrical shapes, like spheres, cubes, pyramids, Merkaba stars, hexagons, polygons, and rhombuses. 
  • You can charge sacred geometry Rose Quartz by wafting the smoke of a sandalwood incense thrice over it. Afterward, touch the crystal or meditate with it for stability and peace.


  • Because the Norse Fertility Goddess, Frejya, rules Rose Quartz, some varieties of Rose Quartz heal the female reproductive system. 
  • Charge your Rose Quartz by meditating or visualizing Frejya before creating a fertility crystal grid, using it as the center stone. Here’s a guide on how to create crystal grids to get started.


  • Do you know what Rose Quartz does to your face? It can reduce wrinkles, besides improving skin problems related to aging. 
  • The best way to improve youthfulness, beauty, and skincare is by using a Rose Quartz gua sha tool. You can charge it by holding it for five minutes in the early morning sun before massages.

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