Intro to Tarot with Kimberley Buckler & Jade Fraser

Intro to Tarot with Kimberley Buckler & Jade Fraser

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Introduction to the Tarot Deck

Kimberley Buckler and Jade Fraser will be sharing their expertise and experiences they have gained over the years using the Tarot Deck. You will be provided with two booklets to help you out and so that you can the use information later.

Jade Fraser will be sharing how the tarot deck can be used in unison with their original meanings and how the cards are used together for messages.

Kimberley Buckler will be sharing how you can use your intuition while using your cards. She will help you to tap into your intuitive side and show you how you can listen to your different senses.

Each instructor will be sharing their information for about 30 minutes, then you will be provided with the time to practice with other class participants.

Requirements:  Please do find a Tarot deck that you would like to use. If you can not find one, there will be a few to choose from to use that either Kimberley or Jade will provide.


2-hour workshop
Value:  $70
Time: 7pm - 9:30pm
Facilitators: Kimberley Buckler & Jade Fraser

To Register: Please call 403-981-1444 for reservations.

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