DragonFly General Inviter mallet for Crystal Singing Bowls

DragonFly General Inviter mallet for Crystal Singing Bowls

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Designed in collaboration with sound healer and musician Benjamin Irons, the Dragonfly Percussion General Inviter for Singing Bowls brings innovative new designs and modern materials to the world of singing bowls. With new and varied timbres and ergonomic designs, these mallets will help both the casual and expert singing bowl players elevate their practice.

Ideal for any mid-size (between 7" to 12" in diameter) singing bowls - both metal and crystal - the General Inviter is great for long sustain and vibration when you are looking for a soft, full tone. The soft rubber core of these mallets maintains the integrity of the fundamental tone while bringing deep vibration from the mallet's mass and balance on the carbon fiber shaft.

"This mallet is beautiful when you are gently easing into or out of sound healing sessions yet still desire a full, rich tone." - Benjamin Irons

If you're looking for new mallets for your sound healing toolkit, this series of mallets is great for spiritual healers, sound therapists, yoga instructors, and anyone working with singing bowls in their mindfulness practice.

Mallet Measurements:
Handle Length: 12.5"
Handle Diameter: 12 mm
Head Diameter: 1.75"

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