Kids Crystal Healing Workshop with Kimberley Buckler

Kids Crystal Healing Workshop with Kimberley Buckler

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Ages 10-17

Crystal Workshop for Youth 

This workshop will give the youth time with several crystals that are essential for our times. Crystals that promote protection from EMF waves, to increase love within, and confidence. 

The youth will learn how to use the crystals, cleanse them, and set them in grids. They will be provided with a booklet to refer to later. The hands-on experience will help the youth feel more comfortable with the crystals and a deeper understanding how they work.

 Kimberley Buckler has been facilitating crystal healing workshops for over 15 years. Her own personal experience with crystals as an empath has helped herself and others navigate life with ease. She understands how we need to work with our sensitivities, how to honor ourselves for being so, and how to see life in a more magical way.

March 3rd,  Sunday
Where: Amaryllis Crystal Portal
When:  12:30pm – 2:30pm
Ages: 10-17

Facilitator: Kimberley Buckler - Spirit & Soul Healing
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To Register: Please call 403-981-1444 for reservations.

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