Jade's Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Readings

Jade's Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Readings

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My name is Jade Fraser.

I am a Channeler and Card reader. I have always had a deep knowing that I am here to support, guide and assist the collective in a Divine Purpose. 

I believe that my expanding ability to channel will help and provide guidance to many who are seeking insight and support during the accession process, in particular my generation of amazing humans.

Jade's energy readings are priced at:

$77 for 45 min
$99 for 60 min

Please call 403-981-1444 to schedule your reading, or book online.


Jade is an amazing young reader! I have been to several readers over the years, and Jade was one of the very few readers that really know the tarot deck and the other cards that she works with. When I say young, this is the time in years, in which she has done readings, her skill grew fast, and has excelled beyond most of the readings that I have received to this time.

During the session with her, I heard every word she said. What she was sharing made a lot of sense and the messages were very helpful.

Jade’s intuition is getting stronger and as she shares, the information is getting stronger and is spot on. I highly recommend this young lady, as she does care about what she shares, and takes pride in her work.

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