Black Obsidian wand

Black Obsidian wand

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The healing properties of Obsidian can help you in protecting your energy. With the help of these healing properties, you can clear and balance the chakras in the best way possible. This crystal can help in healing both your emotional or mental energy as well as your metaphysical energy.  

Mental & Emotional Healing Energy

The Obsidian crystals can stimulate the emotional and mental healing process by helping you to face the darker side again. Many people have lost the power to face the darker side that has caused emotional damage or left some wounds in their mental state. This crystal can help you regain that power to face that side so that you can heal from the abuses, trauma, or any event that has left you emotionally vulnerable.  

If you are not mentally and emotionally stable, it can cause a hindrance in your spiritual growth. Also, it can cause severe issues like depression, insecurity, aggression, and addiction. The Obsidian crystal can help you to heal your mental and emotional imbalances or traumas by clearing out the negativity. The strong effects of this crystal can help you neutralize and dissolve any emotional or psychic debris efficiently. 


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