Abalone Shell

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Abalone shell symbolizes love, life, beauty, strength, calmness, tranquillity, and clarity in the spiritual histories of different cultures. Wearing abalone stone can bring charm, confidence, and spiritual powers, and takes away unpleasantness and darkness in your life. Its energy comes from the relaxing sound of the ocean waves, that transcends to the wearer of the abalone stone, making its psychic attributes used for crystal healing.

In spiritual histories, the Maori people have found the Paua shells in the coastal waters of New Zealand. Its meat is one of the best delicacies, as the shell is used for gem trading. They also used the shell in making warrior artwork as it is believed to bring strength to the wearer.

Maori culture assumed a big life change, thus the colors of the shell signify transition for the people.

Meanwhile, abalone shells and the smoke of burnt sage had spiritual power according to Native American culture. They can cleanse evil spirits and send messages to the gods.

An Apache story further explains the significance of abalone shells in North American culture. It has a connection with White Painted Woman who survives a flood in an abalone shell. From then on, Apache girls wear abalone shell on their forehead that symbolizes a spiritual power from previous generations.

Nowadays, abalone stone is among the organic gemstones with psychic powers to offer. It is used as an excellent gift for someone who loves the ocean, as a reminder of the water waves.

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