7" G# -30 Andara Crystal Alchemy Bowl
7" G# -30 Andara Crystal Alchemy Bowl

7" G# -30 Andara Crystal Alchemy Bowl

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  • Limitless Possibilities
  • Intuition
  • Inner Peace
  • Harmony

The Andara Crystal properties are Monatomic in their nature. This means that the Monatomic metallic elements in these crystals are classified as single-atom metal elements. These elements behave in a different manner when compared to normal metals. They possess a number of properties that have been confirmed. When heated to very high temperatures they turn into a material that is almost glass-like.

The Andara Crystals contain Prima Matra which is an Etherium that combines 70 minerals. These have an intense healing effect on the human body to balance, protect, and clear our delicate energy fields.

They are inclined to raise and enhance our vibration, along with increasing our telepathic abilities and intuition, which helps us to connect to what is known as our higher Divine-Self. This brings about strong feelings of inner peace, harmony, and joy.

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