Lesley Frank - Tera Leaf Reader

Tea Leaf Reader, 

Tea Leaf Reader

I stepped into my healing practices and mediumship about 17 years ago. I am a certified foot reflexologist, clairvoyant medium, and tea leaf reader. I have healing hands.

My maternal grandmother read tea leaves, my paternal great-grandmother was an Indigenous medicine woman. I am very blessed to carry on a family tradition. Every day is a new adventure.
My tea leaf readings are a combination of tea leaves which read about 6 months out for timing and mediumship connection to spirit in the cup. I like to call it Spirit in a Cup. I enjoy the tea leaf readings as they allow people to see the symbols, this in turn helps to relax so they can have the best experience and flow.
I am finishing my tea leaf reading manual so that I can hopefully run classes and teach others.
My website is www.divineinteractionhealing.com It is always a work in progress. I have published one book, working on formatting for paperback, currently, it is an E-book on Amazon. Beginners Handbook of Spirituality. 

I have been on the Galaxy Psychic Fair Western tour for last 2 seasons. This has been an amazing and enlightening experience. Kimberley Buckler is a lovely colleague and friend of mine as well. 
This is my soul journey and I am fully embracing my spirituality full time. I enjoy having intimate moments with people to help in the healing process.

If you feel called for more insight information or clarity in your personal life, please contact Amaryllis Crystal Garden to book your appointment.

Please call 403-981-1444 to schedule your reading,

Where: 216 1st Street West, Cochrane

Tea Leaf Reading : 10min - Prep time (drinking tea) 
                                 30min - Reading 
Value $85