The Junior Astrologers handbook - Nikki van de Car

The Junior Astrologers handbook - Nikki van de Car

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As a Leo, the sun is your power source! Celebrate that relationship with this suncatcher.

1) Start by cutting your contact paper to fit inside your embroidery hoop. You’ll want to make it a half inch or so wider in circumference.

2) Pull the paper backing off the contact paper. Arrange your leaves, flowers, and tissue paper artfully on the sticky paper.

3) Once you’ve finished, press a second piece of contact paper in place, pushing the leaves flat and squeezing out any air bubbles.

4) Open up the embroidery hoop and insert your pressed contact papers. The edges will spill up over the sides of the hoop as you lock it in place. Trim any overlap with scissors.

5) Use hemp string to hang your suncatcher in the window.

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