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Science & Origin of Botswana Agate
Botswana Agate, also commonly sold on the market as “Banded Agate”, is a type of Agate native to Botswana that has exceptional bandings of white, black, grey, and sometimes blue. This type of agate is considered far superior to all other agates due to the near-perfect banding it shows, as well as the limited supply. Being only from Botswana, more especially the Bobonong district, it's very hard for one to get their hands on an abundance of this

Meaning & Energy
Botswana Agate is the highest vibrational agate we know of and offers up intense energy that resonates directly with one's third eye and crown chakra. One will begin to feel more in touch with their higher self simply from carrying this stone on them. The channel between one's third eye and crown chakra becomes strengthened when meditating with this stone, allowing one to process, transfer, and understand energy easier. Botswana Agate is the key to opening your mind up to an abundance of knowledge just waiting to be grounded and used towards one's life path. This stone helps connect one with their guardian angels and spirit guides that are guiding you day in and day out. Using this stone in combination with angelite will help expand your consciousness and provide more understanding of the messages that they’re sending. Try placing these stones in your pillowcase to enhance your dreams and provide extreme vividness and understanding of the imagery within.

For those practitioners who are just looking to open up their third eye and access their unique psychic abilities, try placing this stone directly on your forehead and work towards achieving mental clarity. Take deep breaths with your eyes closed and allow this special mineral to take control of one's entire energy field. Intense vibrations will soon imbue one's body and mind, allowing one to connect and attune themselves to a higher energy one has yet to experience before. Botswana Agate will open one’s mind up to extreme visions while sending pulsating vibrations through one's entire face. This is an extremely powerful energy that should be harnessed and used towards the betterment of one's life and spiritual path. This stone pushes one to have a “spiritual awakening” that has no bounds or limits. Botswana Agate can be the start of one's personal evolution and even environmental transformation. This miraculous stone helps one see what it is they truly need and want to get out of this life experience while providing one the mental strength to untimely make the change they ever so desire.

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