Crystal Singing Bowl Workshop Level 2
Crystal Singing Bowl Workshop Level 2

Crystal Singing Bowl Workshop Level 2

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Prerequisite: Level 1

Start : 2 pm - 6:30 pm 
Duration : 4.5 hours

Crystal Singing Bowls - ethereal, cosmic, elegant, powerful...what words come to mind for you? 

Amaryllis Crystal Garden is offering the first of a series of Crystal Singing Bowl Workshops

This workshop is a hands-on, experiential workshop designed for beginners, but any level of experience is welcome.

Each one of us is drawn to crystal singing bowls in our own unique way. They emit a resonance that connects to the vibration of those who are ready to step into this world of frequency, intention,  and energy shifting with crystal singing bowls. 

Crystal singing bowls are quickly finding their way into the hands of those entrusted to create this crystal frequency grid on our planet. 

We will take you on a journey that includes:

  • Review from Level 1 
    - Knowledge about the properties of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls
    - Awareness of the basic physics of frequency and the bowls
    - Understanding vibrational healing and sound therapy
    - Review of the chakra and endocrine system connections to the bowls
    - Understanding the profound value and quality of the bowls

  • Level 2
  • Learn how to build a set of crystal singing bowls. Sets of 3, 5, 7, and 12
  • Understanding binaural beats and how to integrate them into your sessions
  • Understanding the power of toning and using your voice with your bowl(s)
  • Playing intuitively, creating your own style
  • Hands-on time/practice to become more comfortable with different techniques 
  • Understanding the role of a facilitator
  • Learning ways to make your experiences more profound
  • Facilitating a short sound session at the end of the day where you can apply what you have learned

Instructors: Gayle Leary & Timmy Wijnen

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