Runes Made Easy - Richard Lister

Runes Made Easy - Richard Lister

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Harness the Magic of the Ancient Northern Oracle

new instalment of the Made Easy series, this book teaches readers about the ancient power of the Vikings, the runes and their magic.

The runes are some of the most powerful divination and communication tools available. Runes have been marvelled at and studied throughout history. They are more than just a method of words and writing: each rune has a phonetic sound, similar to the sounds heard in Norwegian or Icelandic. They were used to communicate, for divination, to provide guidance and were also bound together to make magic spells. With this book, Rich Lister provides a resource that you can use to build your knowledge and develop your own relationship with the runes. In Runes Made Easy, you will discover:

  • an introduction to Norse mythology and the role of the runes within it
  • what each of the runes mean
  • translations of original Viking texts
  • how to use and work with each rune
  • how to make your own set of runes, which materials to use and how the material you choose impacts the energy and resonance of the runes
  • how to set an intention for your rune use

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