Ring - Silver sz10 - Labadorite
Ring - Silver sz10 - Labadorite

Ring - Silver sz10 - Labadorite

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Labradorite can help you clarify patterns in your life, and protects you from situations that create illness. Labradorite stimulates healing thoughts. With these protective properties, Labradorite also helps with osteoporosis, growth disorders, snoring, hot flashes, and overstrain can be treated with Labradorite.


The gemstone has a strong protective effect. The darker this stone is, the stronger it works. It protects you against negativity from - and being drained by - others. The lighter variant teaches you to know your limits and to set these boundaries.


This gemstone helps you to unconscious causes behind emotional patterns to surface. In addition, labradorite makes you aware of the influence of your ego on your behavior and your reactions in emotional situations.

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