Illumination Chakra Spray 30 ml

Illumination Chakra Spray 30 ml

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The Illumination Chakra Spray opens, aligns and allows flow between the 5th, 6th, 7th and Rainbow Bridge chakras.  Containing an illuminative blend of hydrosol, oils and essences, this spray will uplift and invigorate your soul.  With Lavender hydrosol as it's base, bright, sweet notes of Spearmint, and the refreshing tang of Lemongrass and Melissa, the Illumination Chakra Spray is perfect for those days when your body and soul needs a little pick me up. 

Lavender - Eases depression and inner turmoil. Allows surrender to life rather than control
Spearmint - Fosters the enthusiasm and desire to grasp life; allows one to take it all in
Bergamot - Balances the biochemistry of the brain, integrates incoming cosmic information
Melissa - Unblocks the sixth chakra and allows expansion of light from the cosmos
Lemongrass - Increases cellular and energetic circulation
Mugwort - Integrates psychic and dream experiences with daily life; multi-dimensional consciousness, build the cohesiveness of psychic forces with bodily awareness.
Yarrow - Protects psychic boundaries and balances our energy field
Monkshood - Positive and courageous spiritual leadership; profound capacity for clairvoyance that is well integrated with social and moral values
Selenite - Clarity of the mind, connection to the higher self, re-connection to the super consciousness 
Sapphire - Inspires faith and devotion to service here on earth
Unakite - Regulates our interaction with the external world and controls what we embrace and what we resist

We hand make all the hydrosols in our copper still.  Hydrosols are also known as floral or flower waters, and are produced from steam-distilling plant materials.  They contain less than 5% of the essential oil of the plant.  Store in a dark, cool place and best if used within three months.  For external use only, do not ingest.

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