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Chrysocolla is a beautiful greenish-blue gemstone with a deep meaning behind it. Representing calming and peaceful energies, this gemstone is known for promoting the power of inner strength, creativity, and emotional balance.Physical Healing Properties

While Chrysocolla is brimming with spiritual and emotional properties, it also boasts a strong hand at helping you deal with certain physical issues too. This luminous blue green stone is an instant soul soother, ever ready to send humming healing vibes straight to your nervous system. Ready to cut through those feelings of weighty guilt, anxiety, and lingering depression, Chrysocolla is a cool spring shower for your soul. Thanks to its calming properties, Chrysocolla helps to lower blood pressure. Alongside being an amazing antidote to anxiety, Chrysocolla helps with a host of female-centric problems encouraging easier periods free from intense cramps and healthy harmonious pregnancies. On top of this, it also helps regulate blood sugar, aids digestion, keeps the lungs clean and healthy and can deal dutifully with infections and fevers.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Expression, awareness, and the drive for higher knowledge – there are many things the Teaching Stone has to show us. For those who are ready to up the ante when it comes to standing in their personal power, Chrysocolla can be an amazing tool for washing away those self-limiting beliefs and negative emotions that can hold you back. It’s a stone of massive self-awareness and can be an exceptional tool for those who want to connect to their own truth and find healthy ways of communicating that authenticity with the rest of the world.

Anyone who finds themselves struggling with tense and tight relationships (whether lover, family, or friend), having Chrysocolla close by can stop things from getting overly heated, helping communication and love to flow like fine silk. For those who are also struggling to overcome heartache or disappointment, the Teaching Stone reminds us that there are lessons to be carried forward from the darkest of corners. By spinning those negative feelings into something positively productive, Chrysocolla helps you to find your joy in life and gives you that confidence and motivation to manifest your own reality.

For all those who want to make a change but cant quite put their finger on how to make that a reality, Chrysocolla is here to channel that energy, shake the cobwebs from your hair, and give you that inner boost you need to make powerful transformation a thing.

Metaphysical Properties

Ever radiant and ready to bring beautiful inner balance to your soul, Chrysocolla works wonders when it comes to connecting with your throat chakra and the heart chakra. The throat chakra is the place from which our own sense of truth emanates. It’s how we converse and share our authentic selves with the world. When the throat chakra is blocked it means that we aren’t living in our own light and we aren’t always serving ourselves best. An open and clear throat chakra allows us to share our thoughts and feelings, it helps our personal power to bloom, and it sets us up to live in free expression rather than clamping down on our own pleasure.

The heart chakra is another space that’s so important to be open and clear. This chakra is the place from which we invite in the things that add to our hearts and resist the things that don’t. When our throat chakra is blocked or thrown out of whack, we may be quick to jealousy and fear, we may resist love and always long to be in control. When it’s open and ready to receive it means that we are better equipped to go with the flow and embrace change without being thrown off course.

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