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Native Elder - First Nation Teacher - Hands-on Healer

Luke Blue Eagle Biography

It is my passion and joy to be in service to humanity.  For a very long time I’ve worked to create ways to increase our health and well-being.  What I offer is holistic – that is, I am interested in the health of the whole person: the physical, the emotional, and the mind.  To this end, I offer three primary mediums to elevate the human spirit, consciousness, and physical body:  through the healing alchemy of fragrances, music, and sharing ancient wisdom, practices, and knowledge.

I am a creator of beneficial music, therapeutic fragrances and books of wisdom , all created with the same purpose: enhancing awareness and well-being.

Very young, I understood the importance of Nature, which can be compared to a wise teacher giving pristine instructions on truth and reality. Later, the acknowledgement of my Native American heritage enabled me to acquire the tools necessary for the work I perform today.Indeed, I spent over thirty years studying and practicing the healing arts and spiritual traditions taught by spiritual elders, shamans and therapists from several Native American nations in Canada and the United States.
Luke’s natural affinity with crystals first appeared at the age of four, and after years of studying and cultivating Native American healing traditions with many native elders, his work in crystals, and their use in healing and ceremony, is internationally recognized. During his 30-year teaching history, he has taught in Canada, the USA, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Mongolia and Japan. He is one of the experts invited to the video series on Crystal Healing.
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My interest for complementary and alternative medicine also provided me with lots of information which I can combine with Native American techniques in order to create products I would describe as universal. Although the main products come from ancestral Native American knowledge, it was adapted by intuitively creating a synthesis of these diverse wisdom streams.  Thus, I can contribute in my own way to the planetary renewal needed today.The critical situation today in the ecological and human fields requires new approaches, more universal and more in line with the laws of Nature and Life. This has always been the root of my activity, which is now reflected in the products offered by our company Invocation Canada.
I’ve been active for more than thirty years, as a healer and teacher, amongst one of the first to offer to non-Indians Native American spirituality and healing methods. Because of my work I have made many friends in both North America and Europe. I have created this blog as a way to maintain contact with friends and anyone interested in my work.


Regarding the course

Until recently, First Nations teachings have always been passed down through word of mouth. Blue Eagle has been given permission from his elders to commit these teachings to writing so as to correct some “new age” misinformation, in particular what is referred to as the “power of the crystal.” 

Working with crystals requires a lot of spiritual energy and focus. Crystals do not decide what they are amplifying—they are not doing the work, they are used to amplify your energy.   

Of course, there are many things that crystals naturally do and in order to uncover some of the mysteries of this age-old science, which can be of great benefit to many people, Blue Eagle will present traditional philosophies, practices and methods in order for us to better understand, experience and work with energy and crystals. 

There are two different approaches, or paths, to this kind of work that Blue Eagle works with and teaches. We will get both, including:

  • That of the shamanic work, which many First Nations and particularly the Apache use, having a shamanic relationship to a specific stone, dealing with the spirit of the stone,
  • and that of the Mound Builders—the Cherokee, Navaho, Hopi and Maya who had ceremonial structures and a more organized spirituality. They developed the science of crystals, of organized matter—amplifying, organizing and focusing energy. 

During the program of oral teachings and of hands-on experience, essential for working with crystals, we will be given:

  • Traditional philosophies on the main principles guiding the use of crystals for therapeutic purposes.
  • Traditional practices of purification and harmonization, including meditation exercises, to help clarify the mind and body and increase vital energy in order to feel the energies emitted by the crystals.
  • Teachings on how to directly use the healing quartz crystal for therapeutic purposes.
  • Personal feedback of experiences and progression so as to consolidate and intensify the work.
  • An introduction to various rituals and practices requiring more advanced skills.
  • Transmissions of more advanced techniques, in particular regarding the shamanistic use of crystals.

Additionally, we will learn:

  • To uncover personal ways of understanding and relating with crystals.
  • Sacred movements from the Cherokee tradition which will be practiced daily to cultivate a relationship with and draw in the energies of all the directions and to possess the spiritual presence required to work with energies.
  • Beginning levels and proper use of Platonic Solids. The sacred geometry of the 5 geometrical shapes, also relating to the 5 elements, can be used to manifest various aspects of reality. In the distant past, knowledge of platonic solids were sacred and hidden. We will work with these 5 shapes as a set of crystals. 

At a glance, the workshop will include some of the following:

  • Purification and Care of Crystals
  • Stones and their Properties
  • Different Ways of Working with Crystals
  • Practical Exercises
  • The Fundamental Laws of Healing and the Programming of Crystals
  • Colors and their Properties
  • How to Prepare Essences and the Body’s Electromagnetic Fields
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Treating with quartz crystals
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