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Jadah Lunnin


Jadah Lunnin - Reflexologist

Jadah discovered Auricular Reflexology through her friend and mentor Lise Couture. She was experiencing certain imbalances in her body which she was able to realign with Lise’s helping hand. Encouraged by the results, Jadah started working with Lise in her clinic and thus began her exploratory journey with Auricular Reflexology. Jadah’s exposure to clinical work increased her awareness of the potential for this treatment modality to help people find greater wellness, balance and relaxation in their lives. Her growing passion and motivation led her to complete the Reflexology Association of Canada courses Core and Auricular Reflexology and ultimately obtain her certification in November 2022. Since obtaining her certification, Jadah has been helping patients find optimal health and wellness. She is motivated to share her passion for the non-invasive modality of Auricular Reflexology with new clients.

Auricular Reflexology is the stimulation of the auricle of the external ear for health conditions in other parts of the body. It is an effective method of non-invasive treatment. In the 1960’s Dr Paul Nogier from Lyons France, perfected an innovative technique mapping out the ear as an inverted fetus. He therefore made it possible to locate a specific point on the ear with the help of the pulse reaction on the wrist. Stimulating the ‘ear point’ allowing the natural flow of energy to follow its path and alleviate the pain in the micro-body. Auricular Reflexology treatment can help remove pain, treat allergies, bring relief to toxic scars ( possibly from Caesarian sections or other kinds of surgeries), deal with disorders (emotional, mental and physical), and most health problem originating in malfunction or after accidents.

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Auricular Reflexology

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