The Path of Ascension with Säijöna, Josée, and Joanna
The Path of Ascension with Säijöna, Josée, and Joanna

The Path of Ascension with Säijöna, Josée, and Joanna

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Please join Säijöna William Lizotte, Josée Malzone, and Joanna Ng at Amaryllis Crystal Portal, for a high vibrational tune up and alignment with the Phi wooden pyramids and Planetary Gongs.

In Ancient Egypt, pyramid structures along the Band of Peace were harmonic structures that used sound to heal illness. The harmonic structures replicate the harmonic cavities of the human body, therefore restoring the person’s body to the correct harmonics. When a cell is stressed or diseased, it starts to vibrate discordantly. Sound, light, intention, and spiritual support is used to restructure the cells of the body. The healing is amplified by the Phi pyramids, Planetary Gongs, and the information brought into the fields. 

Säijöna William Lizotte, Medicine Man, Avatar, 5th Dimensional Master, will guide you into an Ascension ceremony. Aligning you with your highest intention, we merge with the wisdom of Buddha to bring a sense of harmony, clear vision, knowing, sensing, peace, and connection. Josée Malzone will anchor the Buddha energy and hold energetic space with her loving light. Joanna Ng will clear and tone with her Planetary Gongs and Language of Light, elevating your vibration, connecting to your soul light.

The voice of Nibiru and Mercury Planetary Gongs will sing throughout the session, emitting powerful sound vibrations to support the shift of your molecular structure along with the pyramids. Säijöna will speak to what he sees in the collective fields, as well as personal intuitive messages to the participants.  He is known to facilitate advanced Grid Work. We will finish the session with a Water Ceremony. Recalibrate your field in this powerful offering!

Please wear loose clothing, eat lightly before the workshop, & wear the least amount of jewelry (no metal objects on you).

Dates: January 21st
            February 25th
            March 18th

 Doors open at 6pm and we begin from 6:30 - 8:30 pm

 Joanna Ng, Säijöna Lizotte, & Josée Malzone

 Without Pyramid - $65
           With Pyramid - $80 (4 available)
Location: 216 1st Street West Cochrane

Please call for reservations at: 403-981-1444

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