Temple of Sound with Samantha Baldwin - 6 month Immersion
Temple of Sound with Samantha Baldwin - 6 month Immersion
Temple of Sound with Samantha Baldwin - 6 month Immersion

Temple of Sound with Samantha Baldwin - 6 month Immersion

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You have experienced the unity as cell phone lights glow at a concert. You have heard the gutteral sounds made by a woman birthing her baby. Maybe you have even been at a sound bath and felt the cellular DNA changes made when you walked out. This is your calling. Welcome to the Temple of Sound Practitioner Training.

What is a sound witch?

You feel people’s energies. Maybe you even call yourself an empath. You notice when someone is feeling down and a passion stirs in you to help them. You see the suffering in the world and ask yourself, how can I possibly help?

You feel soothed at the strike of a Tibetan sound bowl, you are in awe of the gongs and your soul fills the room as the drum circle entrained to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. You are a Sound Witch.

You alchemize feelings and dis-ease with every strike of the bowl, you use tuning forks to release spirit attachments and you create sacred space from sacred geometry. You open portals with your drum beat and invite your clients to retrieve and integrate their lost and wandering selves. Your voice alone calms the nervous system. You are a Sound Witch.

Temple of Sound is a six month training beginning May 2024 where you will have the opportunity to play a variety of instruments and receive instruction from multiple expert instructors.

Each month we meet on zoom for our theory class and each month we gather in-person for you to try out the instruments in our sound clinic located at the beautiful Amaryllis Crystal Portal in Cochrane, AB.


Module 1: Below: Creating Sacred Space

We start with an opening ceremony and learn how to create sacred space by working with elementals, ancestors and your spiritual team. You will also receive a crash course in sacred geometry to help you with setting sacred space for your 1:1 clients or group.

Module 2: Earth: The Heartbeat of the World

Drums and Gongs! You will be taught the gongs by guest Timmy Wijnen, owner of Amaryllis Crystal Portal. A powerful drum circle is also in your future.

Fun fact: Timmy has trained for 4 years in Amsterdam on the gongs!

Module 3: Water: The Womb of the World

Crystal and Tibetan bowls! You will learn all about the properties of crystal and metal and how to make them sing like the Goddesses they are!

Module 4: Air: Shake it up

Rattles, chimes, shakers! These are your magical tools for shaking up and breaking up unwanted energy. You will also learn how to use your super powers to sense subtle energies in a room or with your 1:1 clients.

Module 5: Fire: Go Fork Yourself

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Module 6: Above: Use your Voice

Your most important sound tool! You will learn how to create your soul song, tone, hum and even sing if that’s your jam! Either way you will free it and alchemize your world with it!

Alicia Bowman will be your guide! Along with her harmonium, you will question whether she received her voice from the angels themselves!

Dates: May 26th
            June 23rd
            July 21st
            August 18th
            September 22nd
            October 20th

Pre-register and pay at the link below:

Temple of Sounds — Goddess Temple of The Healing Arts (goddesstemplearts.ca)

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