Susan Gehrig - Medicine Woman & Ancient Guardian of Knowledge
Susan Gehrig - Medicine Woman & Ancient Guardian of Knowledge
Susan Gehrig - Medicine Woman & Ancient Guardian of Knowledge

Susan Gehrig - Medicine Woman & Ancient Guardian of Knowledge

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Ancient Journeys - Ancient Roots 
Crystal's, Stones, Ancestral Medicine

Susan practices seidr, a type of Norse Shamanism coming from the old magic traditions of Scandinavia and the wisdom of nature. She is The Guardian of her indigenous culture and traditional medicine ways. Shamanism is an ancient universal spiritual practice that dates back over 100 000 years.

The role of the shaman is to access knowledge and wisdom as a seer, a spirit doctor, a negotiator, and ceremonialist. As a seidr, you are being called upon to bring harmony, balance, and wholeness to your community.

She is a holder of sacred space in spiritual healing and energy medicine. Her service is to work on the non- physical cause of things and resolve them using spirit energy and consciousness.

Susan acts as an interpreter of information and ancient knowledge and explains what she sees, here's, smells, and feels in her time of reference, from those that are on the other side, past lives, or other worlds or memories or occurrences to the people or lands here now. It is an ancient wisdom of the universe that has carried forward since time immortal.

Open yourself to participate in a beautiful healing transformation, using the higher frequencies of stones and crystals. Susan's vast knowledge and perspectives provide the sacred space for deep inner transformation. Each of us have our own medicine, let Susan help you find yours..... 

Each stone that lay on my body vibrated as Sue drummed a beat over me opening and shaking away all that did not resonate.
Then she lay the crystals and intuitively channeled, through story telling, and I was blown away with the accuracy of her reading.

Sue is an authentic Medicine Woman and I’d highly recommend her unique sessions! Thank you!! 
R. C

It was unlike anything I'd ever experienced yet all the information and healing felt oddly familiar on a soul level. I felt safe so I could lean into the lessons and empowered so that I could heal. Sue has a wonderful gift and carries an amazing energy with her. I feel so blessed. 

Date: Every Tuesday (Call in for bookings)

Duration: 1.5hr

Value: $130

Amaryllis Crystal Garden

216 1st Street West Cochrane
403) 981 1444

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