Subconscious Release Technique (SRT) & Intuitive Readings with Lori Chenger

Subconscious Release Technique (SRT) & Intuitive Readings with Lori Chenger

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Subconscious Release Technique (SRT)

Subconscious Release Technique makes a difference, and it makes an impact on your life with noticeable results, sometimes within a day of the session. During the session, you will begin to notice the shift, and depending on the situation you were clearing, as soon as you are involved with the same set of circumstances, you will notice that you now deal with it with clarity, ease, and from the present moment.

It involves:

Reason: you and your practitioner will get clarity on the reason for your session and what you are hoping to achieve.

Reveal: through conversation and muscle testing, you will uncover how your thought or worry today is connected to something not resolved from another time in your life.

Reprogram: the root cause of why we are not moving forward is often linked to a hidden belief or a decision you made about a specific life event, experience, or trauma. Once this is found, you will be guided through a specific process that uncovers those limiting belief patterns you have been feeding yourself.

Restore: Once these mind viruses have been reprogrammed to a positive narrative, you will release the baggage you didn't know you were carrying and you will notice significant changes in the words you use and your behaviors.

 If you can breathe this program is for you, it's that simple!

​Value: SRT Session - $170/hr
           Intuitive Reading - 30min - $85
                                         - 1hr - $135

The second offering is an intuitive reading. A clairvoyant and clairaudient, as a gifted medium, I use my teaching and gifts from my ancestors and guides to help bring you clarity. 

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