Numerology with Heidi Lamoureux

Numerology with Heidi Lamoureux

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Heidi Lamoureux is a certified Numerologist, intuitive artist, Tarot reader, and Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.

Heidi’s intention through working as an intuitive artist and reader is to guide one back to their own empowerment –back to a life of awareness, synchronicity, integrity, amazing connections, and a deep relationship to inner-knowing and self-trust.

Keys to wisdom and love can be found through many mediums – Numerology provides a key through the significance of number energy.

Looking at a Numerology blueprint of your birthdate can allow for greater self-awareness and understanding. It can be a map back home when feeling lost, or a guide when making decisions. Your ruling number can offer you clarity, healing, truth, and a window to your beauty.

We will look at the numbers contained within your birthday to bring to light aspects of all that you are.

Your first reading with Heidi includes a unique-to-you Birthday Numerology Blueprint written report to take home. Any follow-up reading booked will include a written month ahead energy forecast for your individual blueprint.

Date: Friday, July 22nd
          Friday, August 26th

Time: 11am-4:30pm
           No walk-ins please...
Call us to book an available time to meet with Heidi!


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Location216 1st Street West Cochrane, AB T4C 1B4
Phone: 403-981-1444 for reservations

Heidi evokes the heart’s wisdom to lead a life of intuition, creation, and feminine expression. Drawing upon archetypal Queen of Cups and High Priestess energy, Heidi feels deeply into the current of life - moving emotion and feeling through her body into the forms of intuitive arts, dance and visual art. A creature of contrast, she explores both raw depths and luminous beauty.



“Receiving a numerology reading from Heidi was spectacular, she held the container with compassion and clarity. What she shared with me resonated and I felt very seen in my lived experiences. Her reading honored both the strengths and challenges I have faced. Heidi checked in with me often to determine if what she was sharing resonated with me and also offered questions for me to digest to deepen the reading. I was very impressed by the session and loved her energy. I am very grateful!”

 - Kyra Newton, Embodiment Coach

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