Earth Eden Crystal Wand

Earth Eden Crystal Wand

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Amethyst and Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla invites one to connect with their innermost longings and their heartfelt desires - reawakening a passion and love for life. It is a deeply healing crystal, holding Mother Gaia energy. Chrysocolla helps one to see our stories that hold us back, allowing compassion in, and starting or continuing on the healing journeys of life. It reminds us to invite some joy in - that life is not always so serious!

Amethyst assists in remembering and interpreting dreams while sleeping, as well the manifestation of dreams and intentions while awake. This crystal helps one let in self-love, kindness and acceptance. Alleviating worry, fear, and anxiety, Amethyst gently guides one back to their courage and the truth of their Divine and magnificent being.

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