Alchemical Wizard Crystal Wand

Alchemical Wizard Crystal Wand

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Pyrite, Garnet, Amber L Black, Onyx

Symbolic of solar plexus power, Pyrite is a crystal of alchemizing abundance, prosperity and balance in life. Pyrite encourages transformation, helping one to heal past traumas and release painful experiences. This crystal may lend shelter and protection from negative and unwanted energy. Garnet represents the sacred flame of passion, relationships and creative energy. This ruby red crystal can help one access their inner deep wellsprings of strength. Amber opens one to the

na benevolent love of the Universe. Stimulating natural healing in the body, Amber is a crystal of uplifting energy and ease. Onyx roots one into practical steps on the road to mastery of craft & work. This stone supports through periods of initiation and change.

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