6" G +15 Emerald Crystal Alchemy Bowl
6" G +15 Emerald Crystal Alchemy Bowl

6" G +15 Emerald Crystal Alchemy Bowl

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  • Heart Chakra
  • Higher Self Purpose
  • Emotional Balance
  • Inner Peace

Emerald Crystal Singing Bowls - The Emerald Bowl alchemy blends heart and grail energies with powerful quartz crystal, radiating through the heart chakra from Divine realms of loving intention and wholeness. The Emerald Bowl is an exquisite tonal waterfall of flowing heart healing, helping alignment with heart wisdom, encouraging Higher Self purpose – centeredness, emotional balance and courageous, compassionate living from one’s Life Core. This exquisite fourth chakra bowl is power-packed with love, opening one’s heart to Universal Grace which some say is the Holy Grail. The Emerald Bowl’s fourth chakra water energies radiate love, inner peace, wealth and abundance and are strong spiritual “heart medicine”, helping the physical heart and emotional body release imbalances/challenges and feelings of unworthiness. 

Click here to listen to a sound demo of this bowl.

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